We had a spectacular honeymoon in Pemba Island, but before I share gorgeous tropical photos of our week spent in paradise, I'm going to share with you what life ACTUALLY looks like in Pemba.

The drive from the tiny Pemba Airport in Chake Chake to where we stayed took 1.5 hours. All of these images were captured on that bumpy, hectic drive. These images are blurry, out of focus, dark, strangely composed, and quick. Shooting through tinted windows while zipping past millions of little moments resulted in what you see here. Stolen glimpses into the daily lives of people who were just going about a normal Wednesday morning. 

I love all of these images because they really put our whole trip into perspective and made us really appreciate a completely different way of living.

(Photos taken by Jeff and I, taking turns as we each looked out of our windows)