Where are you located?  

I currently live in Seattle, Washington. 

Do you travel? 

Yes! I've photographed weddings in Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tennessee, Florida, and Austria! Inquire with me regarding special rates for destination weddings/travel packages.

How much do you charge?

Visit my pricing page or email me for a detailed pricing guide to see what works best for you! 

That can be photoshopped, right? 

I only retouch temporary blemishes - such as pimples or bruises. I won't photoshop you to look 30 pounds thinner or give you curves in areas that they aren't. I'm in the business of documenting who you are at this very moment, not who magazines say you can look like with the help of a little photoshop. Now, if there is a particular scar or birthmark that you would like airbrushed out, that's easily done but should be discussed at your shoot, not after your images have been delivered. 



How far in advance should we book you? 

As soon as possible! People book me anytime between 6 months and 1 year of their wedding date, so don't be shy if your wedding *feels* like it's lightyears away! Gives us more time to get to know each other and work together on a timeline.

How do we secure a date? 

A signed contract and a paid retainer are required to lock in your wedding date.

Why do weddings cost so much?! 

The short answer to this question is all the behind the scenes work that goes on before and after your wedding day! You're not just hiring me for the 8 or 10 hours of that make up your wedding day, we're working for you from the day you inquire until sometimes months after. You want to make sure you hire a professional, insured photographer with quality gear and backup gear in case anything goes wrong. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

I do! Don’t be shy when talking about budgets and money, if you love my work and

How much time should we allow for photos on our wedding day? 

As much time as you can! Talk to your wedding planner or day-of coordinator to see how much time your day can allow. By choosing to have a first look, this automatically gives you more portrait time before the wedding. We need at the very least 30 minutes 

What if we're awkward in front of the camera? 

So am I - so I get it! I promise that with a touch of silliness, some good-natured humor, and directing you into moments, you will be just fine! My goal is not to stick you in pose after pose, but to give you things to do and topics to talk/laugh about, to get those real smiles and real moments of intimacy instead of stiff prom poses. 

Family is really important to us, how do you handle family portraits? 

In the weeks leading up to your wedding day, I will be contacting you to create a family shot list. This is a list of every important family member you would like to take formal pictures with. Picture immediate family plus a few very special/close family members. Keep this list concise and realistic. Before the wedding day I always ask if there are special family ordeals we should know of (divorces, new family members, ill family members, etc.) We try to accommodate the elderly with family photos so they go first and can rest afterwards. 

What if you've never photographed at our venue before? 

No worries! If the venue is in Washington (state), I will try to visit it before your wedding day to get familiar and introduce myself to the staff. You can even come with me so we can scope out locations for photos together! If the venue is not-so-close to me, no worries here either. I always arrive early to weddings to walk around and get to know the lighting and where we'd like to take photos. 

Should I make a shot list with you/send you a link to my Pinterest?

Please don't! That's what you're paying me for - why should you add more to your to-do list?! Shot lists have very obvious, typical wedding moments that a true professional knows to capture. If your photographer needs a "cheat sheet" of shots to take - there is a problem! I am are here to document the day as it unfolds and to take photos of you two in your own special way. Spending time to copy other people's photos will take all the creativity out of my job. You are unique - a pose that might feel comfortable and look natural with two people may look totally off with others. There's a thin line between inspiration and imitation, and we want to stay on the inspiration side. If you have a Pinterest, share it with us but only if it's filled with ideas that inspire you, not with poses you want carbon copies of. 

How long does it take you to edit/deliver our photos? 

We'll talk beforehand, but if the timing works I try to deliver your photos by the day you get back from your honeymoon. My turnaround time is 2-3 weeks regardless. 

How many photos will we get? 

I don't put a cap on what I deliver, and since every wedding is unique, we also don't promise any set number of images. Picture an 8-hour wedding day with a huge bridal party, lots of details to photograph, intricate flowers, a first look, a long and involved ceremony, a huge family, and lots of dancing - that will land you at about 600 images. Now picture an 8-hour wedding day that's laid back, small bridal party, intimate guest list, simple decor and minimal dancing... that'll land you at about 400 images. I photograph what I'm given, and I strictly believe in quality over quantity so don't stress on the number, just know I'll be there to capture whatever is in front of me - be it a grand event or a simple ceremony. 



What should we wear? 

It's best to not wear the exact same outfit (jeans and a white tee, for example) but to wear outfits that complement each other. Wear something that you're comfortable in, because you don't want to look uncomfortable in your photos!

Where should we take our photos? 

Anywhere that is special to you! I can photograph in your home or on top of a mountain. Just keep in mind that some locations require special permits to take photos and that you should take care of that before our shoot. Busy places will look busy in photographs, so before you set your heart on a tourist destination, keep in mind that you'll probably have people in the background. 

When should we take our photos? 

The best time to schedule your shoot is 1-2 hours before the sunset if it's a clear enough day and you want some golden light. I can photograph at any time of the day but we ask that you stay away from noon-shoots because the light is quite unflattering. 

Can we bring our dog(s)? 

Of course!!  Just make sure you bring someone to watch after your dog(s) while we take photos without them or while we're transitioning locations.

How long does it take you to edit/deliver our photos? 

Portrait sessions take up to 7 days to be delivered.