Yangshuo/Longsheng: Part One

This morning we walked through the village of Jiuxian. This was a small farming village and it was really neat to get to see people going about their daily routine. We saw men and women working on the land and got to see rice paddies all along the way. 

This is an abandoned farmhouse in Jiuxian which was just completely overgrown with vegetation but made for some beautiful photographs. After this, our driver took us to the bottom of a mountain in Longsheng.

A transfer service was arranged to take us halfway up the mountain. This drive was pretty terrifying. As we kept getting higher, the road kept getting narrower and the drivers must have thought they were NASCAR drivers because they kept trying to pass each other... regardless of the oncoming traffic.

The rest of the mountain was done on foot. It was exhausting but when we finally got to the Ping An Guest House, we were happy to have a bed to rest on. Of course, that was until we realized the rooms were moldy, the bed was a slab of concrete, and the restrooms had flooded over.

Oh, and this guy was kept in a jar in the dining hall. How appetizing. I started feeling pretty sick tonight, but I was just hoping that was the aftermath of a tiring day.