Longsheng: Part Two

Today was the worst day of my trip.

I woke up feeling pretty nauseous but I joined the group for breakfast regardless. I went on a short walk a little higher up the mountain to get a nice view of the terraced rice paddies. I decided it'd be best to hike at my own pace, which at this point was painfully slow, and still struggled more than I should have. At this point I'm thinking I have altitude sickness, but we were only 2,100 feet up, which isn't usually considered extraordinarily high. 

When I finally get back to my concrete-hard bed, I decide to skip lunch and take a nap instead. I felt even worse when I woke up though, I had terrible chills and my entire body was achy. I thought I had a few hours to rest before we had to climb down the mountain but it turns out that 20 minutes was all I had. We hired some men to carry me and my backpack down the mountain. When I stumble out of our "hotel" I see a wobbly wooden chair attached to two logs on either end and two petite Chinese men not looking all too happy. They tell my to lay down and I go on the most nauseating ride of my life. The man in the front slipped at one point and I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes. The path down was uneven, slippery, narrow, and was unfortunately shared with horses and other people going in both directions.


The second I got off that chair contraption, my whole body went numb. I pretty much panicked because it was such a strange feeling. I felt really week and disoriented for the rest of the day. We had a few hours of driving and a few hours of flying before getting to our wonderful hotel in Shanghai at around 11pm.