Guilin: Part One

Today was mainly a day of traveling. We left Xian, flew to Guilin, and drove a few hours to the Yanshuo Resort. These images were captured while on our way to our hotel. The most striking thing about this town in southern China is the mountains. They are absolutely like nothing I've seen in my life. Once you get past that though, you start to notice other things. The vehicles start to look foreign and there are a lot of farmers and people tending to the land. 

The first thing that hits you when you reach the airport is the humidity. Xian was so dry that this was a complete change of scenery.

Apparently it is rainy season, and it will be for quite some time. It rained on and off throughout our whole drive and we are expecting rain for the next few days. 

There are cattle and water buffalo on the sides of the road which are actually used for labor. The water buffalo are used for plowing the fields. This is a very rural area indeed.