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I partnered with my friends over at Basic Invite to walk you through what it’s like to order your wedding invitation suite online and bring you lots of inspiration in the world of invitations and wedding websites!

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Invitation suites can be intimidating and starting the search for that perfect design is overwhelming at first but the good news is that a well thought out invitation paired with a wedding website can save you hours of work and unnecessary headaches.

Once you study up on invitation etiquette, what verbiage to use and what information to include, the fun part of picking color palettes and design layouts comes into play! As if you didn't have enough options to choose from, Basic Invite just rolled out a new clear collection (pictured below) and a line of rose gold foil.

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There are over 800 invitation sets to choose from but the real cherry on top is that you can customize the colors to your heart’s desire. With over 180 different color options you can change even the smallest detail to fit the aesthetic of your wedding day.

If you’re a more visual soul (like me!) you’ll be glad to know that you can actually order a printed sample of your marriage invitation before placing your final order! Seeing your final design on your computer screen is one thing, but holding the tangible invitation in your hands is such a luxury and gives you immense peace of mind.

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The least fun part of the wedding invitation phase of wedding planning is collecting addresses and addressing envelopes. If you're not hiring a calligrapher to handwrite each envelope, the task lands on you and whomever you can wrangle up for help. Basic Invite has a free address collection service where guests input their address via a link and they are all organized on your end, ready to be custom printed on each envelope. Basically zero legwork required... yay!

Wedding websites go hand in hand with this feature since they’re the new way to relay a lot of information to a lot of people as seamless as possible. My advice would be to try to make your own wedding website cost effective (read: free) since that’s one less expense you have to worry about. The idea behind this is that it’s a temporary website that is shared with all your guests where they can find further information that doesn’t fit on an invitation like all of your hotel recommendations, your registries (with links), an interactive map of where your venue is, the list goes on. Couples often like to share their love story and some engagement photos on their website to get people excited for the big day!


If you have any invitation or wedding website tips, or if you have any questions about Basic Invite, leave them in the comments below!

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