I’m Leda!


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Let’s Get Personal


Photography has been at the core of my work since day one, I started my journey as a photojournalist and when I realized I could apply those tools to shoot weddings - I dove right in. I've been photographing weddings since 2015 and since then have moved my business from Florida to New York City and now Seattle - where I call home. Photographing weddings lets me flex creative muscles that otherwise go unused in my other work. I like to be as involved as I can when I go into a wedding day because I can better tell your story through the pictures I make.

I'm a bit of a modern nomad - having been born in Uruguay and spreading roots across the US but the west coast has my heart for now. I've photographed weddings in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Connecticut, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado, California, Washington, and Austria so it's needless to say I always welcome an opportunity to travel for work.

To get to know the work I do outside my wedding weekends - click here.


On Your Wedding Day


There’s no right way to have a wedding, just as there’s no right way to photograph one. Your ceremonies and celebrations are yours and yours alone - so the photographs of this day need to highlight what’s most important to you. The things that you personally find important may not be as important to the next couple, which is why your vision is what dictates my workflow. I always make sure to go into the wedding day knowing what’s important to you both. Candids, details, portraits… these are all a part of every story, I’m talking about the really special things that make your heart skip a beat. I don’t have a formula for photographing weddings, and I don’t keep count of how many images I take per hour. I photograph with with two things in mind: what is going on in front of me, and what is most important to my couple.




I have an orange Scottish Fold named Lucy — she shows up on my Instagram every now and then!


But you’d never know it! Spanish was my first language, I don’t have an accent whatsoever but I’m fluent in both Spanish + English.


I listen to “Friends” on loop while I edit, but I’m a sucker for a good sitcom. What’s your favorite?!


Pie is my guilty pleasure - but I’m a regular at about 17 different places in Seattle so if you’re looking for date night recs, I’m your girl!


 Let’s Work Together!