Updated February 18, 2018. If you inquired before that date we will honor previous pricing.

HEIRLOOM experience


Complimentary Engagement Session

All Day Wedding Coverage

1 Photographer

Professional Editing

Web-Resolution Files

10 Day Turnaround Time

Ordering Session

Perfect for the couple who values tangible photographs and is working with a budget. While our other package comes with a print release, we found that the majority of our couples are not taking advantage of that and keeping their photographs mostly on their phones and computers. Digitized eternally.

With the Heirloom Experience, you'll receive an online gallery with all of your images and then you and your family will come to our studio for an ordering session where you'll pick out prints, albums, or frames. You will receive a $200 credit to use during your ordering session to put toward any product we offer. This package is especially appealing to couples with bigger families who would value having tangible photos of your day.



Hourly Rate*


2nd Photographer


MODERN experience


Complimentary Engagement Session

All Day Wedding Coverage

1 Photographers

Professional Editing

High-Resolution Files

3 Weeks (Tops) Turnaround Time

Print Release 

For the modern couple, on the go. The biggest advantage of this package is your high-resolution files and print release. 

Once your photos have been edited, you will receive an email with an online gallery housing all of your images. From there you can download your entire wedding in high resolution (or smaller resolution to save space). There is no expiration date for your online gallery so you can rest assured your images will always live there.

You are more than welcome to order prints and products directly through your gallery or make prints and albums on your own.


* Hourly Rate applies for portrait sessions, elopements, and select intimate weddings under 6 hours.



No hourly packages 

Chances are, you've been doing the math to see whether you need 6, 8, 10, or *gasp* 12 hours of coverage. Most likely, your timeline isn't even set in stone yet and you're torn between saving some money and cutting photo hours and splurging a little just in case to cover your entire day from getting ready to sendoff. This is a headache we don't want you to have. When you book us for your wedding day, we're putting in 35-40 hours of work for you from when you inquire to when we send you your photos, so our packages take into account much more than your physical wedding day. On another note, we don't want you to have the option to cut our hours because then we can't do our job properly. You're hiring us to photograph the story of your wedding day, and that's beginning to end. Your day doesn't start at your ceremony. We're storytellers and choosing to work with us means choosing to remember your entire day for all its subtle details and all its grand gestures. 


free engagement session

Say what?! Engagement sessions are always complimentary with us because they're much more important than you may think. We don't shoot them for free to expand our portfolio, or to give you pretty pictures to show off. The purpose of your engagement session is for us to get to know how you both act in front of the camera. You may think you're the epitome of awkward (or you may think you're the bees knees) but the proof is in the pudding and we won't know how to photograph you until we point that camera at you. We want to know what makes you laugh, what gets you to smile naturally, how comfortable you are with public displays of affection, and how much involvement from us you need to make this happen. And we don't want to be learning these things on the fly on your wedding day. Some couples need constant engagement from us to fall into natural and fun photos while other couples barely need us to say a word. This is also a chance for you to see how we work together to get the best work. As a team, Leda does most of the directing and talking and Jeff focuses more on candids and subtle moments.



10 days for our heirloom couples, three weeks (tops!) for everyone else, and one week for portrait sessions. There are a few key factors that play into having some of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. The first being that this is our full time job. Photographing and editing is what we do all day every day so we definitely have the time to put into your images. And while it takes a good amount of discipline to edit so efficiently, the key is simply practice. Leda edits all of the images to maintain a cohesive aesthetic - she's been editing (literally nonstop) since 2012 and knows the software like the back of her hand. All of your images are imported, backed up, organized, and edited like clockwork and there's no time wasted. Photographing with intention is the last, and most important, factor into our turnaround times. If you pay attention to how we shoot, our camera's always in hand but we are never just firing away aimlessly. For styled photos of details, we'll take a few images, but it's unnecessary to photograph unmoving objects hundreds of times over. We only make the photos we want you to have, excessive shooting slows down post-production time and strays away from our purpose of authentic documentary photography.


our background

Our background is a little different than the norm since we are not self-taught photographers. It's quite common to see self-taught photographers since this is a creative industry and sometimes you either just have it or you don't. You can't go to school to develop a good eye, but you can go to school to learn the technical aspects of photography. With youtube and modern digital cameras, it's almost impossible to take a "bad" picture nowadays but we're not in the business of taking good pictures, we're in the business of making photographs that capture moments, personalities, and feelings. We know our gear and our software so well because we studied it, we went to school and learned how cameras work on a technical level, how a picture is literally made. We studied color theory and lighting techniques and everything under the sun to be as prepared as possible to make the best work. 


our gear

The old compliment of "those photos are great, you must have a good camera!" often gets equated to "dinner was great, you must have a good oven!" It's no lie that a camera is just a tool, and without a good eye even the most expensive camera won't get you the results you want. But that's not to say that a good eye paired with the best camera won't get the best results.

When it comes to this - size does matter. We've recently upgraded our gear to top of the line medium format digital cameras.

So what does this mean for you? This means that your photos will be of the highest quality. This means that when the sun starts dipping down, we won't immediately have to rely on artificial light, these cameras work miracles in low-light situations like those minutes right after sunset.