My job is to steal glimpses, exchanges, laughs, and moments from you and your loved ones, sometimes without you even knowing it. The beauty of my work comes from the candid moments that happen after you forget there are cameras pointed at you. I'm a visual storyteller, not your typical cookie cutter photographer. The best moments are the ones that last a split second, gone before you can even wrap your mind around it. My job is to be there, every second, watching and waiting, to get to the good stuff.

About Leda:

Documenting life and the world we live in is my passion. I pursued visual journalism at the International Center of Photography in NYC because I wanted to learn to become a better storyteller. Whether I'm working on personal projects (find them here!) or photographing a wedding, my sense for telling a story is all the same. I'm originally from Uruguay, and Spanish was my first language - so if you have any family that isn't bilingual, we can easily communicate with them!